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Our Branding Process


1. Inquiry
  • Fill out our client inquiry form or send us an email including your project details and timeline to connect.
  • We'll follow-up to schedule a short call to meet and discuss your project from a high-level view.
2. Brand Proposal
  • You'll receive an outline of objectives, design process details, deliverables, project schedule and estimate.
  • After proposal approval, a deposit is required to move forward and secure your spot. The remaining payment is due on completion.


You'll be sent an in-depth discovery deck with curated questions based on your needs, including time to review and collect your thoughts. We'll then meet with your company stakeholders to discuss and define your brand. This will provide clarity on your company’s background, purpose, goals, audience, personality, and more. This step is an essential part of every brand development and sets the direction for the design work to come. 

Research + Ideation

We'll research and review your audience and your competitors' branding to see how your company can differentiate and position itself in the marketplace. We'll then develop mood boards on visual theme and brand direction. This includes ideas for key messaging, color, typography, photography, illustration style; concepts and elements that flesh out the direction for your brand’s visual theme.

We'll review the insights and mood boards together. Once a direction is selected, we'll move forward with designing your brand's identity.


We'll create concepts for the visual identity system, followed by a presentation with an explanation on our thought process and realistic visual samples to aid in the decision-making process. The brand assets will include:
  • We'll create (2-3) logo concepts, ensuring the visuals flow with the brand direction. Your final set of files will include a primary logo, secondary logo, logo mark, and other variations as needed, for print and web.
Color Palette
  • Specifications for the primary colors in your logo, and a secondary palette that coordinates. Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and hexidecimal codes provided.
  • Recommendations for brand fonts, with examples on use.
Visual Theme
  • Brand elements that flesh out a visual style such as photography, illustration style, shapes and patterns. We'll provide realistic visual samples to review how these can be applied and used as your brand assets.
Brand Guidelines
  • A multi-page document that defines your brand and visual elements, ensuring cohesive visuals and communications across all of your customer touchpoints. This includes visual references and guidelines on how to use the assets we've developed.


With creating a strong foundation for the project, we'll eliminate the need for numerous iterations. Our proposals typically includes (2) rounds of revisions as needed.


Once the design stage is finalized, you'll receive and pay the final invoice. Then, we'll send a digital bundle including the finalized brand guide, and all supporting visual elements, along with guidelines on how to use them. This brand toolkit can be provided to any designer, developer, or marketer on your team to ensure consistent communications and visual presence across all customer touchpoints.

From kickoff through delivery, our branding process takes around 6 weeks.

Additional Services

Logo À La Carte

Your company's current brand colors, typography, and visual theme match your vision, but your logo needs a refresh. Our logo package includes the discovery phase to ensure the visual marks flow with your brand, and (2-3) logo concepts. Each concept will be applied to mock products to provide realistic visual samples to review in presentation format. Your final set of files will include a primary logo, secondary logo, logo mark, and other variations as needed, for print and web. You'll also receive a 1-2 page logo use guide including logo color specifications.

Other Brand Touchpoints

Along with our brand package, you may need additional marketing materials with your new identity applied. We can customize the proposal to includes any marketing pieces you may need. A few common products include:
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Company overview one-pagers
  • Presentation templates
  • Social profile banners
  • Social media templates
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