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Image by Kelly Sikkema
Ketchy is a values-led independent agency, with an external team of mindful graphic designers. Kelly Scheck leads the team with a focus on efficient and effective design solutions.
Principal + Creative Director

Kelly Scheck

Award-winning designer with 18 years of experience in creative direction and strategic design for highly successful brands including Lockheed Martin. With a natural affinity for efficiency gains, Kelly delivers visual solutions that build brand love, increasing market share and growth.
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Our Services
With 18 years of expertise, we design through thought leadership to craft solutions that will leave an experience that's memorable, clear and motivating to your audience.
  • Strategy + Development

  • Branding + Identity

  • Art Direction

  • Digital + Print Design

  • Package Design

  • Website Design

  • Presentations

  • Infographics

  • eBooks + Case Studies 

  • Social Media + Digital Ads

  • Signage + Installations

  • Illustration + Icons